A Little About Bluetooth Technology

Posted by admin at 11:22 AM on Oct 28, 2016


What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology created in 1994. It is recognized globally and is available for a number of devices. It is built into billions of products. It is typically used to connect two devices. Through this connection data can be exchanged without the need for physical wires.

What can you do with Bluetooth technology?

With Bluetooth technology you can transfer data without the need for wires. However Bluetooth devices have an effective range. If two or more devices using Bluetooth to exchange data exceed the maximum range then the transfer of the data will fail. With Bluetooth technology you can make calls, listen to music and other device related transfers. You might typically use Bluetooth with your laptop, Bluetooth headsets, smartphones, tablets and modern cars.

What is the effective range of Bluetooth?

The range that data can be exchanged using Bluetooth technology depends on the device. Bluetooth headsets and speakers may have an effective range of around 10 meters. Other devices such as Bluetooth trackers may have a greater effective range based on the exchange of minimal data. This range might be 20-30meters.

What are typical Bluetooth products?

Products range from laptops, tablets, phones, cars navigation, music streaming communication technologies, Bluetooth tracking devices, gaming headsets and Bluetooth headsets for music.

For more information on Bluetooth technology visit this website.

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