Why Hearing Music Touches the Soul

Posted by admin at 11:44 AM on Jun 16, 2017


Music is a language unlike any other. We all understand the power and the expression behind uplifting major thirds or a devastating minor interval, because it deeply affects humans on a psychological and physiological level. It affects chemical and electrical processes in the body, but many would argue that it does more than that – a string of artfully composed notes goes beyond sensory input and processing to touch that intangible part of us known as the soul. But why?

The Effect of Music on the Mind and Body

While the study of music’s neurological effects is in its infancy, many studies reaffirm the connections among music, mood, emotion, and neuro-chemical activity. Without getting too far into the technical side of music’s effect, the existing school of thought suggests that music’s impact on the mind and body are real and could translate into a powerful therapy for conditions including autism, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.

Music even touches people who cannot hear it in the conventional way. Beethoven was deaf and composed some of the most powerful music the world has ever heard. The vibrations, rhythms, beats, and tones that make up a composition turn music into a multisensory experience. Sound waves literally enter the ear and manipulate the eardrum in an interpretable way.

With these basic understandings of the way music affects the body, denying the power of music is difficult. It can put an infant to sleep, elicit a laugh, or precipitate tears. A terrifying sequence in a horror film can stimulate the fight or flight response. With or without words, experiencing music rarely leaves a person unchanged.

Like Chicken Soup … Maybe Better!

In a time when people work crazy hours, peace is uncertain, and chronic health conditions are on the rise, music offers a reprieve. It can take you to the Caribbean on your lunch break with the mellow sound of a steel drum band or help you find the “eye of the tiger” before a big interview. A get-together isn’t complete without the right playlist, and the right song can even help you overcome heartbreak. Simply pop in some headphones, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in the soul-touching experience of your favorite playlist.

With smart devices, music discovery apps such as Pandora or Spotify, and high-quality headphones (like our Hutchee, PureSound Bluetooth headphones), you can take the power of music with you anywhere you go.

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